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First Time Home Buyer Classes (Home Stretch)



AFDN offers classes to First Time Home Buyers to provide education on how to manage your credit score, how to shop for property with realtors and how to ensure a bank loan is the right one for you. These classes will answer many questions First Time Home Buyers may have as well as offer referrals to recommended realtors, mortgage bankers and insurance agents in order to have a smooth transaction. Our homebuyer education program is designed to meet the needs of persons with little or no knowledge of the homebuying process and is formatted to equip every client with the information needed to make an informed home buying decision. The First Time Homebuyer certificate is issued at your individual or group workshop-counseling session. The objective of the individual or group workshop-counseling is to identify your personal housing goal and co-develop a plan of action with your housing counselor. The action plan will highlight steps for both you and your counselor to help you fulfill your housing goal.

This service is offered in both counseling and education formats and the following topics will be covered in-depth.

Becoming a Homeowner
Money Management
Credit - Manage credit to make homeownership more affordable
Mortgage Loan - Choose your best mortgage options
Real Estate 101 - Select the right home for your family
Loan Closing - Understand the loan closing process
Life As A Homeowner

Here is a cost of $40 per person for the classroom.

Housing Counseling

Budget Counseling and Credit Errors Correction


Your situation is not hopeless. On this site I'm going to give you every possible way out of the dilemma you're now in. I’m going to give you the information you’ll need, AND reveal the options to get you all back on track, just as quickly as humanly possible.

Those interested in one-on-one counseling to help them prepare for homeownership may contact an AFDN housing counselor. AFDN provides free one-on-one housing counseling to all residents of Minnesota. One-on-one Counseling sessions allow for the analysis of your financial situation, assessment of your ability to qualify for a mortgage, development of a corrective action plan to overcome any barriers to achieving home-ownership. There is no charge to work with a HUD-approved housing counselor—help is free!

Credit Counseling

Committed to Your Financial Success:


AFDN is a well known, respected, non-profit 501(c)3 financial education and credit counseling agency that helps clients find debt solutions and change their financial lives for the better. Since 2008, African Families Development Network has worked with many clients across the Minnesota.

There is no charge to work with a HUD-approved housing counselor—help is free!

After-School Tutoring

School Success:


AFDN offers after-school tutoring for local students Monday through Friday throughout the school year. AFDN provides classes and group study sessions to advance the academic skills of these students. Subjects of study include After-School Program, Tutoring Class, College Readiness Class, and English Language Learning Course. Community members volunteer their time to teach at the center.

Youth Leadership Program


Students will learn skills in Leadership, Community Service, Ethiopian Language and culture. AFDN partners with students, families, and educators to offer after school arts, social, cultural, and academic activities that foster scholastic success. In 2017, we served over 50 elementary and middle school students from two local public schools in our after-school and summer programs. We offer age-appropriate programs for elementary, middle and teenage participants. Our Project School Success program, which helps 8th graders select and enroll in high performing specialized high schools, has successfully placed dozens of students in top-notch schools. .

Arts and Culture


AFDN focuses on the following areas: • Lobbying and advocating for the rights of Somali artists in Minnesota as well as defending their freedom of musical expression; • Empowering young Somali artists through cultural exchange, and sharing of experiences with other regional and international artists; • Promoting Somali programs, including youth empowerment and entertainment as well as ensuring continuing development of the Somali arts, literature and intercultural projects. Minneapolis has the most active cultural community of Somalis in the world. The best known artists include dancers, singers and poets.

PROMOTION OF CULTURAL EVENTS WITH LOCAL MINNESOTA COMMUNITY Somali Community has established cultural programs to promote social interaction between refugees and local Minnesotans. One of the major events includes the “Annual Somali Cultural Night.” The first annual cultural night was held on July 1, 2017 attracting over 125 individuals. AFDN hopes to expand this event to include other refugee Communities.

AFDN dedicated Somali music. "contemporary, popular, and traditional Somali music, features traditional Somali songs such as Kaban, Classic Songs played by modern and traditional musical instruments includes hundreds of popular and contemporary songs by famous Somali artists.


Click here Music Art and Culture Listen to, download and share community music.